Public Exposure Locations

This section includes places within Buffalo County with public risk of exposure to a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks. This includes places where a confirmed case is unable to identify potentially exposed individuals and public health is not able to identify or contact them. Close contact is defined as being within 6ft of a person for 15 minutes.

The risk for named contacts of a positive case is determined separately and businesses or events in which all contacts can be named will not appear on this page. If you are contacted by a health department and told you are a close contact of a positive case, you should follow all guidance provided by your health department. 

Establishments remain on this page for 14 days after the last known positive case was present. Please note that an establishment appearing on this list does not mean they did something wrong nor does appearing on this list mean that the establishment should be closed. Public health has contacted establishments and guidance was provided about cleaning and practices to reduce future risk to staff and customers.

People can be contagious before showing signs of illness. Buffalo County Public Health highly recommends staying home as much as possible for 14 days following any type of gathering where social distancing and safe practices were not able to be maintained in order to reduce the risk of spread.

All individuals exposed should self-monitor for signs and symptoms and quarantine themselves for 14 days from the exposure date. COVID-19 symptoms include cough, fever, sore throat, headache, body or muscle aches, chills, fatigue, vomiting, or a new loss of taste and/or smell. Anyone experiencing signs or symptoms should contact their primary healthcare provider.

Days and places of potential exposures include:

Establishment NameLocationDates & Times of Known Positives
The North End Pub & Grill214 N Main St, Cochrane, WI 54622
12/31/2020 4:00 pm- 10pm
Buffalo Saloon101 5th St, Cochrane, WI 54622
12/31/2020 4:00 pm- Midnight
01/01/2021 Midnight- 2:30 AM
Lil's Cochrane Inn101 N Main St, Cochrane, WI 54622
12/31/2020 4:00 pm- Midnight
01/01/2021 Midnight- 2:30 AM


If you are a resident of Buffalo County, WI, and you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 by your medical provider and have not already been in contact with the Buffalo County Health Department, please use this form to share information with us.