Wisconsin Well Woman Program

Wisconsin Well Women Program   

Wisconsin Well Woman Program (WWWP) is a program that helps women pay for mammograms and pap tests.

Do I qualify for this program?

You qualify if you are uninsured or underinsured and:

  • A woman 45 years or older who needs a mammogram 
  • A woman 35 years or older who needs a pap test
  • Meets the income guidelines below


Family SizeAnnual Gross Household Income
1Up to $36,450
2Up to $49,300
3Up to $62,150
4Up to $75,000
5+Add $12,850 for each additional family member


Enrollment services for Buffalo County are now being handled through a multi-county coordinating agency.  La Crosse County Health Department is that agency and is now serving the counties of Buffalo, Crawford, La Crosse, Monroe, and Vernon. 

Please contact La Crosse County Health Department for questions or enrollment 608-785-9123.