GPS mapping and address errors can and do happen...

GPS mapping and address errors can and do happen... especially in rural areas.

Buffalo County does not directly work with GPS data providers or GPS manufactures. We supply our map data to the State and US Census as well as commercial map data collection companies when they contact Buffalo County requesting map data.

If you are experiencing persistent issues with incorrect GPS route navigation or have missing/incorrect GPS addresses, there may be a way that you can help fix these errors.

Errors in GPS or internet mapping can sometimes be corrected by reporting the error to the various private/commercial companies that supply or manufacture GPS. NOTE: This does not in any way guarantee that they will actually fix the error. It only reports the error to them.

  1. If the issue has been corrected at the GPS data provider level, then there is a wait for device manufacturers to purchase map updates from the GPS data provider.
  2. Next there is a wait for the device manufacture to start offering those updates to their commercial customers such as FedEx.
  3. Lastly the end consumer and or local service providers may need to wait for end product map updates which allow for the purchase and installation of map updates for their devices. Complicating matters, many individuals do not know how to install these updates or that these updates even exist.

Generally speaking, the entire process can take anywhere from several months to multiple years.

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