Land Management Department

The Buffalo County Land Conservation and Resource Management Department provides engineering, technical services, and financial assistance to landowners for soil and water conservation practices.  The department coordinates and supports locally led, county, state, and federal conservation related programs and initiatives throughout the county.

Land and Water Resource Management Plan

The Land Conservation Department is looking for your input for the Land and Water Resource Management Plan (LWRM).   The LWRM is used to guide the land and water resource management efforts of the County and secure funding sources to implement practices and programs to protect the quality of our natural resources.  

For more information and to submit comment please use one of the following links. 

LWRMP Comments and Information

Buffalo County Land and Water Resource Management Plan 2023-2031 DRAFT

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Conservation Practices  

Cost-Share funding is available to Buffalo County landowners for soil and water conservation practices, including grade stabilization structures (dams), grassed waterways, diversions, nutrient management planning, and manure storage.  Contact the Land Conservation and Resource Management Department for details.

Seed Mix is available for purchase.  Logging Mix
Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)  Provides incentive payments and cost sharing for installing conservation practices along waterways and wetlands. Farmers can enroll land that has a history of crop or pasture land through either a 15 year agreement or perpetual easement to protect waterways and wetlands.
Nutrient Management  

Buffalo County staff are available for nutrient management assistance including nutrient management plan writing, soil sampling, spreading calibration, or technical assistance.
Planning to Apply Manure?  Check Before You Spread!  Click on the link to check Wisconsin's Online Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast before spreading.  The site provides updated risk assessment for spreading manure.  If your site shows REDdon't spread.

590 Nutrient Management Plan Checklist
SnapPlus Nutrient Management Planning software

Manure Storage 

A permit is required for any new construction, reconstruction, enlargement, substantial alteration, or abandoned manure storage facility.

Buffalo County Manure Storage Facility Application 

 Buffalo County Manure Storage Ordinance


Farmland Preservation Program (FPP) The Farmland Preservation Program offers state income tax credits to landowners who practice conservation farming.  Buffalo County landowners with agricultural land located in the ANR-40 zoning district may be eligible for the $7.50 tax credit provided the land meets the state's agricultural soil and water conservation standards. 
Buffalo County Farmland Preservation Plan 
State Agricultural Soil and Water Conservation Standards
Wisconsin's Runoff Rules:  What Farmers Need to Know
Cash Farm Land Lease Fact Sheet 
How to Claim the Farmland Preservation Tax Credit
Bluff Prairie Restoration Application  

Cost-Share funding is available for restoration of remnant dry bluff prairies on private lands to preserve this valuable ecosystem and provide habitat for many rare plant and animal species. Interested landowners should complete and sign a "CAPX2020 Buffalo County Bluff Prairie Restoration Request". 
Trout Stream Restoration Application  

Cost-Share funding is available at $5,000 per stream restoration site for the installation of fish habitat structures and stream bank protection projects.  CAPX2020 Buffalo County Trout Stream Restoration Request A public stream access easement held by Buffalo County is required to be recorded allowing public to access stream banks during trout fishing season only. 
Information on CAPX2020 Fund Selection Process
County Outdoor Recreation Plan 

The 2021-2025 County Outdoor Recreation Plan recommends continued preservation, acquisition, development, and improvement of the area's outdoor recreation facilities.  
Buffalo County Land and Water Resource Management Plan 
The Buffalo County Land and Water Resource Management Plan is currently being revised. View the top of the page to learn more.

Youth Conservation Education  

The annual Conservation and Speaking Contest is held every January.  Students compete at the county level in Alma and one winner from each age category is selected to compete at the area competition in Eau Claire.  The winner moves on to the State Competition in March at the Wisconsin Land & Water Conservation Association Annual Conference.  

Conservation Success Stories   

Wisconsin is its land, waters, and people. See how Land Conservation Departments across Wisconsin support landowners through soil and water conservation practices and activities.