Types of Forms to Use

Circuit Court Forms can be found by following this link: https://www.wicourts.gov/forms1/circuit/index.htm
(Instructions to filing court documents can be found at the Self representation link)


Use form FA 4170 to seek changes to court orders or judgments.

Do not use this packet if:
  • You and the other party agree to the changes (Use the Stipulation packet FA-604 and Order FA-604B)
  • Your divorce, legal separation or paternity judgment has not yet been granted
  • You want to enforce a court order or judgment
  • You may be required to pay a filing fee


Use Order to Show Cause for Finding of Contempt (form FA-4172VB) and Affidavit for Finding of Contempt (form FA-4172VA) to seek assistance form the court if the party has violated or not followed a court order or judgment.  If the violation is related to physical placement, you may also use these forms. 


Use Stipulation (form FA0604A) and Order (form 604B) if parties are in agreement to change the court order or judgment.  
A stipulation is a formal written agreement between parties to change a current court order or judgment. Because this is a stipulation, neither party will have to appear in court. If this agreement is approved and signed by the judge, it becomes a court order.

Do not submit this form to the court without the other party's signature, as the court will not contact the other party to obtain it for you.

Enforcement of Physical Placement

Use Notice of Hearing and Motion to Enforce Physical Placement Order (form FA-609). This form allows a parent who has been awarded periods of physical placement to seek enforcement of a physical placement order.


Use Form FA-4134 if you are having problems concerning a legal custody or physical placement issue to request an order from the court that would require the parties to participate in mediation of those issues prior to filing a court action.

The purpose of mediation is to allow parents input into developing a solution to their placement issues and avoid the emotional and financial burden court actions may entail. The focus of mediation is to reach an agreement, or plan, which will be in the best interest of your child(ren). If you are unable to reach an agreement or fail to abide by the schedules established in mediation, you may then need to file a motion with the court for judicial determination of your disputed issues.

You are encouraged to seek legal assistance to verify that these forms are the most appropriate for your situation, court staff and the Child Support Agency cannot give legal advice.